20 August, 2019
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Parliamentary Sitting Summary 7th March 2017


The Assembly reconvened on Tuesday 7th March at 9.00am. The following summary provides an overview of business which was put before the Assembly, Members who participated in debates and various issues which were raised in regards to particular Reports and Bills. The Fees and Charges (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2016 was withdrawn on a motion by the Hon Prime Minister. 7 ... Read More »

Members Pre-Sitting Briefing Summary March 2017


Monday 6th March Thirty nine Members of Parliament, including the Hon Speaker, met at the Tuanaimato Sports Complex today at 9:00am for their usual bi-monthly Member’s Pre Sitting Briefing.  The Chief Executive for the Ministry for Revenue; the Assistant Police Commissioner; Chief Executive for the Gambling & Control Authority (TAB), and the Assistant Executive Officer, Legal & Investigations Division for ... Read More »

Refresher Programme for Members of Parliament


The Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly (OCLA) hosted an Induction Programme for Members of Parliament, at Tuanaimato (Parliamentary temporary precincts) on the 3rd March 2017. This is the second of similar programmes since April 2016 at the commencement of the new Parliamentary Term. The programme resurfaced due to continuous questions amongst Parliamentarians regarding the relations of the ... Read More »

University of Tasmania grants support to Members of Parliament and OCLA


The University of Tasmania with its continuous support through education to empower staff members of the Office and Members of Parliament had opened another window of opportunity to further enhance OCLA support services and capacity of  Members of Parliament. Professor Richard Herr with the assistance of Dr. Megan Alessandrini and Ms. Kaye McPherson from the Parliament of Tasmania facilitated the ... Read More »


Tusa ai ma Tulafono Tumau a le Palemene, ua tuuina atu nei le faasilasilaga o le a faaofi atu i le Fono Aoao Faitulafono i lana Fonotaga o le a amatalia i le Aso Lua, 7 o Mati  2017 ia Tulafono Tau Faaofi nei: Tulafono Tau Faaofi o Teuteuga o le Tulafono o le Faafoega o Kasino ma Taaloga Eseese ... Read More »

4th Primary School Parliamentary Programme 7th & 8th March 2017


The Office of the Legislative Assembly on 7th March, will be hosting its 4th Parliamentary Awareness programme for Primary students of the Year 8 level. Joining the students are teachers of the Social Science field. More than a hundred Primary schools in Upolu have been invited to the Parliament Primary programme. The Programme will run for two days and it ... Read More »

Parliamentary Pre-Sitting & Parliamentary Sitting 6th & 7th March 2017


The Legislative Assembly will resume its sitting at the Parliamentary Chamber, Tuanaimato on the 7th March 2017 at 9:00am. Members of Parliament will attend a Pre-Sitting briefing by Chief Executive Officers and Senior Officials of Ministries who administer Bills that will be introduced on Tuesday 7th March. 1. Tax Information Amendment Bill 2017; 2. Police Powers Amendment Bill 2017; 3. ... Read More »


23 Fepuari 2017 E faasilasila atu ua pasia e le Palemene Tulafono ua ta’ua i lalo ona faatau atu mai i le Ofisa o le Failautusi o le Fono Aoao Faitulafono, i Tuanaimato. Tulafono o le Faatatauina o Tupe Faaopoopo (Nu.1) 2016/2017. Tulafono o Tagata e Suesueina Mafuaaga Lilo o Maliu 2017. Teuteuga o le Tulafono o Fono o Nuu 2017. Teuteuga o le Tulafono o ... Read More »

Graduation held for OCLA staff members


A graduation for OCLA staff members who undertook the Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedures (PLPP) course took place at the Media Centre Building, Tuanaimato Sports Complex on Monday 30th January 2017. The PLPP course is accredited to the University of Tasmania, Hobart Australia and facilitated by Professor of Law, Prof Richard Herr. The course is one of many Office attempts ... Read More »

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