22 September, 2019
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Refresher Programme for Members of Parliament


The Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly (OCLA) hosted an Induction Programme for Members of Parliament, at Tuanaimato (Parliamentary temporary precincts) on the 3rd March 2017. This is the second of similar programmes since April 2016 at the commencement of the new Parliamentary Term. The programme resurfaced due to continuous questions amongst Parliamentarians regarding the relations of the ... Read More »


Tusa ai ma Tulafono Tumau a le Palemene, ua tuuina atu nei le faasilasilaga o le a faaofi atu i le Fono Aoao Faitulafono i lana Fonotaga o le a amatalia i le Aso Lua, 7 o Mati  2017 ia Tulafono Tau Faaofi nei: Tulafono Tau Faaofi o Teuteuga o le Tulafono o le Faafoega o Kasino ma Taaloga Eseese ... Read More »


23 Fepuari 2017 E faasilasila atu ua pasia e le Palemene Tulafono ua ta’ua i lalo ona faatau atu mai i le Ofisa o le Failautusi o le Fono Aoao Faitulafono, i Tuanaimato. Tulafono o le Faatatauina o Tupe Faaopoopo (Nu.1) 2016/2017. Tulafono o Tagata e Suesueina Mafuaaga Lilo o Maliu 2017. Teuteuga o le Tulafono o Fono o Nuu 2017. Teuteuga o le Tulafono o ... Read More »

Civil Society Programme


The Parliament of Samoa hosted an inaugural Civil Society Program on 20th November 2014. This initiative was design to encourage public engagement in the legislative process and improve media access and reporting of Parliamentary business. This colloquium was facilitated by Professor Herr and Mr John Mc Donald of the Law Faculty at the University of Tasmania. Under the overarching theme ... Read More »

Government Responses Tabled

The following lists various Government Responses tabled. Full Reports will be available on the Parliamentary website upon approval by Parliament and will be published in subsequent Newsletter editions. “Click here” to Download PDF file GOVERNMENT RESPONSES TABLED Papers Tabled 1 P.P.2014/2015 No. 42, Government Responses on P.P.2013/2014 No. 107, Report of the Primary Production, Commerce, Industry and Labour Committee on P.P.2012/2013 ... Read More »

Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure Graduation

The Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure course which had been running in quarterly installments since the end of 2012 culminated in a graduation ceremony held at Maota Tofilau Eti Alesana Building – Mulinuu, on Friday, 21st November 2014. The graduation was for the completion of a Unit of the Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure course accredited to the University of ... Read More »

Seminar Series

Skills for a Democratic Parliament 26 November 2012 (Members) Discussions focused on Protecting the Independence of Parliament and also discussed the processes of Parliament.  It also aimed at reminding the Members of their roles as representatives of the constituents. Legislative Roles and Capacity 27 – 28 November 2012 (Secretariat) Topics discussed included the Speaker and the Independence of the Secretariat ... Read More »

Civil Society Parliamentary Programme 2014

Parliament hosted its inaugural Civil Society Parliamentary Programme on Thursday, 20th November 2014. The Programme was facilitated by Prof. Richard Herr of the University of Tasmania and Mr. John McDonald of the Parliament of Tasmania, focusing on the theme: Ministers, Minders and Information Management. Representatives from the Civil Society and the Media participated. “Parliament, Civil Society and the Media: A ... Read More »

Press Release


WEEK BEGINNING 17TH – 21ST NOVEMBER 2014 MEMBERS SEMINAR SERIES, 17thNOVEMBER 2014 PARLIAMENTARY LAW AND PROCEDURES COURSE,18TH NOVEMBER 2014 CIVIL SOCIETY PARLIAMENTARY PROGRAMME, 20th NOVEMBER, 2014 MULINUU (November 14, 2014) 1.  The final installment of the ongoing Seminar Series for Parliamentarians will be held on Monday, 17th November 2014. The final series is titled: “Ministers, Minders and Information Management.” Professor ... Read More »

2nd Parliamentary Youth Programme 20-22 October 2014

The Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly hosted its 2nd Parliamentary Youth Programme from October 20-22, 2014. The Programme was organised to enhance continued connection and engagement between the Youth and the Parliament that represents them. It provided an opportunity for the young people to experience the procedures for parliamentary democracy, understand how a parliamentary system functions, as ... Read More »

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