20 September, 2019
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Parliament hosts Vice Chairman of NPC

Parliament hosts Vice Chairman of NPC

On 6th September 2016, the Office of the Speaker of Parliament hosted the Peoples Republican of China Delegation visit who was led by His Excellency Mr. Zhang Baowen, the Vice Chairman of the National Peoples Congress.

His Honorable, Leaupepe Taimaaiono Toleafoa Faafisi, welcomes the delegation visits and express his appreciation for the visitation. Mr Speaker in his welcome note bring into attention, the relationship between China and Samoa is growing stronger through the many social and economic developments in Samoa. He emphasize the international relationship between Samoa and China is comparable to family ties.

Mr. Zhang Baowen also express his gratitude for the effort by both Government in maintaining a strong tie. The international relationship between the two countries can be dated back to 1975 when it first established, and it is in China best interest to continue to strengthen it.

The visit concluded with Mr. Zhang Baowen strengthens the tie by stating that Chinas is willing to continue to extend her hand to development of Samoa.

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