26 February, 2018
Official Closing of the Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure Programme

Official Closing of the Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure Programme

The Office of the Legislative gathered at the Common Room on Friday, 27th October 2017 for the official closing of the Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure (PLPP) Programme.

The programme commenced with a service officiated by Rev. Kereta Faatonu and was attended by Professor Richard Herr and Dr. Meagan Alessandrini from the School of Laws and Social Sciences of the University of Tasmania, Australia and the staff of the Legislative Assembly. Prof. Herr stated that the determination and consistent requests from the Office of the Legislative Assembly had led to the introduction of the PLPP programme in Samoa which aimed at building the capacities of both the staff and Members of Parliament in Parliamentary procedures.

The Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly relayed sincere gratitude to Prof. Herr and his team of facilitators from the Parliament of Tasmania and the University of Tasmania for contributing immensely in the development of the Parliament of Samoa.

Since the commencement of the PLPP Programme in 2013, twenty four staff members have graduated with the Graduate Certificate in Parliament Law & Practice and ten with the Law Faculty Dean’s Certificate for Parliamentary Practice and Procedure Programme from the University of Tasmania. Early this year, an additional six staff members have completed the Parliamentary Law and Practice course and thirteen others are in the final stream of completing their Graduate Diploma in Public Policy.

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