27 April, 2018

Acts 2006

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 Samoan Version English Version
1 Appropriation Act
2 Arms Amendment Act
3 Arms Amendment Act [No.2]
4 Companies Amendment Act
5 Company Law Reform (Transitional Provisions) Act
6 Excise Tax Rates Amendment Act
7 Income Tax Rates Amendment Act
8 Income Tax Administration Amendment Act
9 Loan Authorisation Act
10 Ministry of Health Act
11 Narcotics Amendment Act
12 National Health Service Act
13 National University of Samoa Act
14 Parliamentary Under-Secretaries Amendment Act
15 Receiverships Act
16 Research and Development Institute of Samoa Act
17 Samoa Institute of Accountants Act
18 Samoa Qualifications Authority Act
19 Securities Act
20 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.1]
21 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.2 ]
22 Value Added Goods and Service Tax Amendment Act

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