20 August, 2019
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Parliamentary Trips for Nov- Dec 2017

Parliamentary Trips for Nov- Dec 2017

1. Pacific Women Parliamentary Partnership (PWPP), 6 Nov – 1 Dec 2017, Canberra, Tasmania, Australia.
The Senior Research Officer for the Office of the Legislative Assembly of Samoa, Sivaitele Leiataua was granted a research skills scholarship from the Pacific Women Parliamentary Partnership Partnership (PWPP) to study in Australia from 6 November to 1 December 2017. The four weeks programme allowed her to work with research personnel at the Australian Parliament in Canberra and the Tasmanian Parliament, to develop research skills but also to identify ways to address violence against women in Samoa.

This capacity building programme aims to improve the quality of research and report writing for Parliament. Ms. Leiataua is the second member from the Office of the Legislative Assembly to partake in this scholarship programme.

2. Inter Parliamentary Study Programme for Deputy Speaker (IPSP-DP), 22-29 Nov 2017, Canberra Australia
The Deputy Speaker for the Parliament of Samoa, Tofa Nafoitoa Talaimanu Keti partook in the Inter-Parliamentary Study Programme for Deputy Speakers of Pacific Parliaments, hosted by the Parliament of Australia in Canberra, from 22-29 November 2019.
The two week workshop comprised of presentations from the former Deputy Speaker and senior officers of the Australian Parliament as well as academics. Participants also had the opportunity to share about the developments in their own parliaments.

3. Australian Parliamentary Educator Conference, 22-24 Nov 2017, Melbourne, Australia.
The Parliament of Victoria hosted The 2017 Australian Parliamentary Educators Conference from 22-24 November, in Melbourne. The theme for the conference was New and Cutting Edge Approaches to Parliamentary Education.
The conference offered parliamentary educators the opportunity to identify and develop ways to deliver parliamentary education activities. The programme also embraced the use of modern technology to develop parliamentary education. The Principal Website Officer, Darrell Tuioti represented the Parliament of Samoa in the conference.
4. 48 ACP & 34 ACP-EU JPA Meeting, 13-20 Dec 2017, Haiti
The 48 ACP & 34 ACP-EU JPA Meeting was held from 13-20 December 2017 at the Karibe Convention Centre, Haiti. Under the leadership of the Haitian Parliament, 106 countries gathered to discuss many political, geopolitical and environmental issues.
The focus of the 34th session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly was on the women’s forum and their strategies to face climate change. Hon. Gatoloaifaana Amataga Alesana-Gidlow, Chairperson of the Social Sector Committee represented the Parliament of Samoa.

5. Public Accounts Committee Meeting, 12-13 Dec 2017, Wellington, New Zealand.
Public Accounts Committee Members from the Parliaments of Cook Islands, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Samoa met on 12-13 December at Wellington, New Zealand. The 2 day capacity building seminar facilitates an ideal south-south learning platform for regional PAC members and their secretariat staff.
The seminar valued the strengthening of Public Accounts Committees for the effective scrutiny of public finances. The participants visited the New Zealand House of Representatives and their Committees, particularly, the Finance and Expenditure Committee to see how the New Zealand Parliament undertakes its financial oversight duties.
Hon. Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, Member of the Finance & Expenditure Committee and Amosa Gaseata, Parliamentary Committee Officer attened the Meeting on behalf of the Parliament of Samoa.

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