20 September, 2019
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Parliament’s 2nd Civil Society programme takes place at Tuanaimato

Parliament’s 2nd Civil Society programme takes place at Tuanaimato

The Office of the Legislative Assembly hosted its 2nd Parliamentary Awareness programme for Civil Society on Tuesday 19th December 2017. The Programme aimed at informing and educating the public about the works of Parliament, more importantly it sought to strengthen its relations with the media so as to be able to report Parliamentary proceedings correctly.
A total of approximately 70 people attended the programme from the different Non-governmental Organizations and Media outlets. The participants were exposed to a number of presentations by the staff of the Office which focused on the functions of Parliament, its roles, the integral role of Parliamentary Committees and finally urging people to take for granted the avenues Parliament provides to showcase their opinions for the development of better legislation in Samoa.
Participants expressed their gratitude for the programme and insisted that Parliament focuses it educational programmes on constituents because most people do not know Parliament, its existence and avenues to which they can express their opinions about a bill being discussed or the work implemented by government. They further expressed the usefulness of the programme for they were not aware of the services Parliament provides. In a panel discussion chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Nafoitoa Talaimanu Keti and Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, Leatisa Uitime Tala, both media and civil society representatives urged for an increased communication with Parliament by letting them know of Bills being discussed in Parliamentary Committees.
The programme concluded with the final speech delivered by the Deputy Speaker of the House, who again expressed his support for the outreach programmes and urged the participants to spread out the message of parliament to its people for a better democracy.

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