22 April, 2018
4th Primary School Parliamentary Programme 7th & 8th March 2017

4th Primary School Parliamentary Programme 7th & 8th March 2017

The Office of the Legislative Assembly on 7th March, will be hosting its 4th Parliamentary Awareness programme for Primary students of the Year 8 level. Joining the students are teachers of the Social Science field. More than a hundred Primary schools in Upolu have been invited to the Parliament Primary programme.

The Programme will run for two days and it is anticipated that more than 150 students and teachers will attend. It is fully funded by the Government of Samoa and the programme is an additional aid to what has already been included in the national curriculum on Politics for Year 8 students.

Students and teachers will be given the chance to observe Parliament proceedings in the Chamber, hear presentations on basic integral elements of Parliament by senior officials of the OCLA staff and will undertake several hands-on activities designed to encourage engagement with the Parliament.

For further details on Parliament’s awareness programmes, please call 21811 (Community Relations Services) or email us at crs@palemene.ws

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