20 September, 2019
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Sector Briefing

Sector Briefing

A 4 day Sector Briefing program from the 16th- 19th May 2016 was held at the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly’s (O.C.L.A.)temporary location at the Media Centre, Tuanaimato. All 14 sectors of the government presented on their Objectives, goals and progress in achieving their goals for the next financial year. Sector Coordinators and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) together with relevant Management for all sectors attended the briefing to answer questions from Members of Parliament.

The program is an OCLA initiative to strengthen Members capacity and knowledge surrounding government framework so as to perform their inherent roles and functions as Parliamentarians effectively.

The program that was funded by the government of Samoa is one of many series of strengthening programs scheduled for its members for the year 2016.

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