20 August, 2019
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Seminar Series

Skills for a Democratic Parliament
26 November 2012 (Members)
Discussions focused on Protecting the Independence of Parliament and also discussed the processes of Parliament.  It also aimed at reminding the Members of their roles as representatives of the constituents.
Legislative Roles and Capacity
27 – 28 November 2012 (Secretariat)
Topics discussed included the Speaker and the Independence of the Secretariat and more specifically the role of the Secretariat in preserving the Independence of Parliament as an Institution.  It also served as a refresher workshop for staff on the processes of Parliament and the role of the Secretariat in preserving the Independence of Parliament as an institution.
Popular Sovereignty, Law and the Integrity of Parliament
12 – 13 March (Secretariat)


Discussions varied from Law and Popular Sovereignty to Popular Sovereignty and Elections as well. Deliberating focused on the nature of Law, the Legitimacy of the State, Law and Parliament through Popular Sovereignty;

What would be the best electoral system for Samoa as well as Electoral Systems and their Parliamentary Consequences


Former Attorney General Ms. Brenda Heather Latu also shared her views on ‘Parliament’s Role in the various levels of Law Making.

Developing Parliamentary Committee Skills
8 – 9 July 2013
Discussions focused on how to prepare committees for success in scrutinizing the Executive, reviewing bills; as well as discussing the differing roles of the Clerk in securing the effectiveness of committees; as well as balancing the pursuit of information while protecting the rights of committee witnesses
Parliamentary Privilege
12 November 2013

Discussions focused on: Clarifying the concept and development of Parliamentary Privilege; Discussing the Member’s Responsibility in ‘Coward’s Castle’ including role of Privileges Committee and Citizen’s Right of Reply as well as discussing the role of the Secretariat to protecting both Parliamentary Privilege and the Public.

Justice Pierre Slicer also shared personal Samoan experiences with The Courts and Parliamentary Privilege.

Parliament Outreach for Public Engagement
14 – 15 April 2014

Discussions focused on Parliamentary Outreach for Public Engagement to achieve one of the primary goals of the project — to improve engagement of the public with Members of Parliament and parliamentary processes.

The seminar aimed to up-skill and provided a knowledge base for parliamentarians and secretariat on the democratic value of parliamentary civic engagement and discusses strategies for community engagement with parliament and relations to social media.

Administration and Management of Parliament
7 July 2014
Discussions focused on ways to improve administrative and managerial practices for the Legislative Process and Management of Parliament.
Ministers, Minders and Information Management
17 November 2014
Focus was on Parliament and Information Management; discussing issues regarding Parliamentarians responsibility to informing the public as well as information obligations of Civil servants and Minders to the Parliament.


The seminar series conducted for both the Members and 29 identified Secretariat staff.  It was conducted in sessions and was one of the outputs under the capacity building agenda of the Samoa Parliamentary Support Project (SPSP). The series was supported and implemented through a partnership between the Parliament of Samoa, the Parliament of Tasmania, the Australian Federal Parliament, the Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships and the UNDP.

The seminar series for staff is accredited to Certificate level in Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure through a partnership with the University of Tasmania, Faculty of Law.

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