16 July, 2019
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Swearing in of new member

Swearing in of new member

At the conclusion of Bi-Elections for Sagaga le Usoga carried out on the 17th of April 2015, Susuga Seiuli Ueligitone Seiuli was appointed to take the seat for the Constituency. The seat was vacated on the 20th February when Afioga Muagututagata Faamausili Peter Ah Him resigned.

During Parliament proceedings on Tuesday 22 April 2015, the Speaker read out the Official Notice for the Appointment of Susuga Seiuli as signed by Le Ao o le Malo on the 20th of April 2015. The new member was sworn in as a Member of Parliament for Sagaga le Usoga. At the conclusion of the Member being sworn in, the Hon Speaker acknowledged the presence of this constituents and family present in the Chamber to witness his official appointment as a Representative and a Member of Parliament.


Susuga Seiuli is 56 years of age and is the eldest in a family of 16. He was employed for 26 years in the Ministry of Natural, Resources and Environment as a Land Surveyor from 1987 up until he resigned in 2013. During this period, he was awarded a Government Scholarship to the Solomon Islands for a Certificate in Survey. In 1992, he was once again awarded a Scholarship to the Papua New Guinea University of Technology to further his capacity. At the completion of four (4) years, Susuga Seiuli was awarded a Bachelor of Survey. He is currently running a Land Surveyor Business, in addition to his village obligations to his place of residence as a matai and a member of his church.


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