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Office of the Clerk

The Control and Administration of the Legislative Department is prescribed under Part XXXVIII of the Standing Orders of the Parliament of Samoa as follows:

Control and Administration of Legislative Department, Parliament House and Grounds.

Subject to the right of the Government to control the expenditure with respect to the Legislative Department and the Estimates relating thereto, and to the provisions of any Act of Parliament.

The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and the Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly shall each be appointed by the Head of State for a term of three (3) years on the recommendation of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Other officers of the House shall be appointed by Mr. Speaker on the recommendation of the Clerk.

The salaries and other remuneration of the Clerk and the Deputy Clerk shall be fixed and determined by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of Mr. Speaker.

The salaries and other remuneration of the other officers shall be fixed and determined by Mr. Speaker on the recommendation of the Clerk.

The control and administration of the whole of the parliamentary grounds and the buildings and other erections thereon shall be vested in Mr. Speaker on behalf of the House, whether the House be in session or otherwise.

Further to duties of the Clerk itemised is Parts XI and XII of these Standing Orders, and those prescribed by Act, the Clerk shall be responsible for translation and printing of the Journals, the Official Report of Proceedings, Select Committee Reports and any other Papers presented to the Assembly. The Clerk shall also be responsible for the translation and printing of Bills for introduction to the Assembly and Bills certified for assent by o Le Ao o le Malo and shall have the general direction and control of the Legislative Department and all officers employed therein.

The function of the department is to provide Parliament and its members with quality and timely support in the Operation of Parliament and the Legislative Assembly as prescribed by Law and Standing Orders of Parliament.

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