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Office of the Speaker

The Office of the Speaker provides administrative support services to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

After subscribing the Oath of Allegiance before His Highness Le Ao o le Malo, the Speaker:

  • Claims all privileges and free access to Le Ao o le Malo on behalf of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Receives all Messages from Le Ao o le Malo for the Legislative Assembly.
  • Reports vacancies in the Legislative Assembly to Le Ao o le Malo.
  • Chairman to the House Committee and Standing Order Committee.
  • President of the Samoan Branches of Parliamentary Associations and Unions.
  • Approves notices of motions.
  • Grants leave of absence to Members requiring absence from the sittings of the Assembly for three consecutive days or more.
  • Grants recognition of Political Parties as Parties in Parliament.
  • Authorises the release of Journals and records of the Legislative Assembly to persons or parties other than members of Parliament.
  • Recommends the Clerk and Deputy Clerk to be appointed by Le Ao o le Malo, and appoint other staff of the Department on recommendation of the Clerk.
  • Is responsible for the control and administration of the Maota Fono and whole of Parliamentary grounds.
  • Appoints other officers of the House on recommendation of the Clerk.
  • Fixes and determines the renumerations of the other officers of the House on recommendation of the Clerk.

In the Maota Fono during Parliamentary Sittings, the Speaker:

  • Controls proceedings and maintains order in debates of the Assembly and in Committee of the Whole.
  • Interprets Standing Orders as required.
  • Consults with the Clerk at the Table on points of procedure.
  • Rules on points of order taken by members in the Assembly; and Speakers ruling on any point of order is final.
  • Requires members to withdraw unparliamentary expressions.
  • Requires a member to discontinue his speech in the even of persisting tedious repetition.
  • Requires a member who is grossly disorderly to withdraw from the sitting.
  • Order strangers to withdraw from the galleries where necessary.
Under Standing Orders, the Office of the Speaker is responsible for the control and administration of Parliamentary buildings and grounds, a responsibility that is however borne by the Corporate Services Section of the Office of the Clerk.

Key Tasks:

  • Producing briefing notes and coordinate information and resources for the Speaker’s commitments and appointments.
  • Researches and assembles background information for the Speaker’s engagements and any relevant press releases.
  • Drafts outgoing correspondences for the signature of the Speaker.
  • Compiles information from a range of sources and viewpoints including online and traditional media for the Speaker.
  • Assists in the organization of functions hosted by the Speaker.

Also ensures that:

  • Speaker meets his Parliamentary obligations.
  • Speaker is well prepared for his engagements.
  • Office of the Speaker is well organized.
  • Speaker has access to up-to-date relevant information.


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