Public Online Submission

Caution: Public Submissions assists Committee Members in various Committees in their consideration of any Bill or inquiry. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it should not be taken as a complete or authoritative guide to the Bill. Other sources should be consulted to determine the subsequent official status of the Bill.
Submission Details:


  • Who can make submissions?
  • Any Individual or Organisation can make a submission to a Parliamentary Committee.
  • What should be in a submission?
  • There is no prescribed form for a submission to a Parliamentary Committee. Submissions may be in the form of a letter, a short document or a substantial paper.

How to Lodge a Submission

  • Written submissions should be sent to the Office of Select Committees at the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Samoa, Mulinuu, Apia.
  • A submission should be signed by the Author either on his own or her own behalf, or on behalf of the organization making the submission.
  • Those signing on behalf of an organization should indicate the level at which the submission has been authorized (e.g. President, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, a Matai representing family members etc..).

Inquiry Process

  • Committee advertises Bills inquiries;
  • Committee receives public submissions;
  • Committee conducts hearings;
  • Committee considers evidence and draft reports;
  • Committee presents its report to Parliament;
  • Assembly considers Committee’s Recommendations;
  • Government responds to Committee Report.