Acts 2002

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 1  2007 South Pacific Games Authority Act
 2 Appropriation Act
 3 Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act
 4 Customs and Excise Amendment Act Not Available
 5 Fisheries Amendment Act
 6 Income Tax (Commercial Fishing) Amendment Act
 7 Income Tax (Venture Capital Fund) Amendment Act
 8 Ministry of Works Act
 9 Oceania University of Medicine Act
 10 Occupational Safety and Healthy Act
 11  Parliament Pension Scheme Amendment Act
 12 Police Service Amendment Act
 13 Ports Authority Amendment Act
 14 Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism Act
 15 Public Service Amendment Act
 16 Road Traffic Ordinance Amendment Act
 17 Samoa Law Reform Commission Act
 18 Samoa Tourism Authority Act
 19 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.1]
 20 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.2] Not Available
 21 Value Added Goods and Services Tax Amendment Act Not Available