Acts 2003

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 1 Accident Compensation Amendment Act
 2 Appropriation Act
 3 Crimes (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction) Amendment Act
 4 Customs Tariff Amendment Act
 5 Income Tax (2007 South Pacific Games Donations) Amendment Act
 6 Income Tax (Commercial Fishing) Amendment Act
 7 Ministerial and Departmental Arrangements Act
 8 Permits and Passports Amendment Act
 9 Petroleum (Protection of National Interest) Amendment Act
 10 Remuneration Tribunal Act
 11 Road Traffic Amendment Act
 12 Samoa Broadcast Corporation Act
 13 Samoa Water Authority Act
 14 Supplementary Appropriation [No.1]
 15 Supplementary Appropriation [No.2]
 16 Tourism and Hotel Development Incentive Act
 17 Youth, Sports and Cultural Affairs Amendment Act