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Acts 2005

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 1 2007 South Pacific Games Authority Amendment Act
 2 Appropriation Act
 3 Betting (Totalisator Agency) Amendment Act
 4 Constitution Amendment Act
 5 Development Loan Authorisation Act
 6 Electoral Amendment Act
 7 Electoral Amendment Act [No.2]
 8 Income Tax Amendment  Act
 9 Infants (Adoption) Amendment Act
 10 International Banking Act
 11 National Kidney Foundation of Samoa Act
 12 National Provident Fund Amendment Act
 13 Planning and Urban Management Amendment Act
 14 Public Finance Management Amendment Act
 15 Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Amendment Act not available
 16 Samoa International Finance Authority Act
 17 Shops Amendment Act
 18 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.1]
 19 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.2]
 20 Taking of Land Amendment Act
 21 Telecommunications Act
 22 Quarantine (Bio-security) Act

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