Acts 2008

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1  Appropriation Act
2 Community Justice Act
3 Constitution Amendment Act
4 Customs Tariff Amendment Act
5 Electronic Transactions Act
6 Excise Tax Rate Amendment Act
7 Export-Import Bank of China Loan Act
8 International Companies Amendment Act
9 International Mutual Funds Act
10 Japan Bank for International Cooperation Loans Act
11 Land and Titles Amendment Act
12 Law Reform Commission Act
13 Land Titles Registration Act
14 Marine Pollution Prevention Act
15 Miscellaneous Fees Amendment Act
16 Passports Act
17 Police Offences Amendment Act
18 Public Holidays Act
19 Public Finance Management Amendment Act
20 Revision and Publication of Laws Act
21 Road Traffic Amendment
22 Road Transport Reform Act
23 Robert Louis Stevenson Foundation Amendment Act
24 Samoa Broadcasting Corporation Repeal Act
25 Samoa Trust Estates Corporation Amendment Act
26 Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa Act
27 Sports Disputes Resolution Act
28 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.1]
29 Supplementary Appropriation Act [No.2]
30 Telecommunications Amendment Act
31 Tobacco Control Act
32 Unit Trusts Act
33 Water Resources Management Act