Annual Reports & Commission Report

Accident Compensation Corporation
Airport Authority
Attorney General Office
Development Bank of Samoa
Electric Power Corporation
Land Transport Authority
Ministry for Revenue
Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture
Ministry of Finance 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Public Enterprises
Ministry of Police
Ministry of Prime Minister & Cabinet
Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development 
Ministry of Works, Transport & Infrastructure
National Health Services
National Kidney Foundation 
National University of Samoa
Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Office of the Electoral Commission
Office of the Ombudsman and National Human Rights Institution
Office of the Public Trustee
Office of the Regulator
Parliamentary Pension Scheme
Polynesian / Samoa Airways
Public Accounts
Public Service Commission
Public Trust
Robert Louis Stevenson Museum/Preservation Foundation, INC.
Samoa Audit Office
Samoa Bureau of Statistics
Samoa Fire & Emergency Services Authority
Samoa Housing Corporation
Samoa International Finance Authority
Samoa Land Corporation
Samoa Law Reform Commission
Samoa Life Assurance Corporation
Samoa Prison and Correction Services
Samoa National Provident Fund
Samoa Port Authority
Samoa Post
Samoa Qualifications Authority
Samoa Shipping Corporation
Samoa Sports Facilities Authority’s 
Samoa Tourism Authority
Samoa Trust Estates Corporation 
Samoa Water Authority
Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa
Senior Citizens Benefit Fund
Totalisator (Betting) Agency Board
Unit Trust of Samoa