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 Redevelopment of the Maota Fono at Mulinuu

The Government of Samoa, with the generous support of the Commonwealth of Australia, is redeveloping Samoa’s Maota Fono at Malae o Tiafau, Mulinu’u.

The existing Maota Fono has served the nation well for over forty years. The Maota Fono has become symbolical of some of the most significant moments in Samoa’s history, including the appointments of the country’s Head of State and Prime Ministers.  The Maota Fono has been the home of the nation’s Members of Parliament after every General Election since 1972.  This momentous building has received numerous foreign dignitaries and passed countless pieces of legislation. It has stood as a symbol for our nation’s Independence and enduring democratic processes.

However despite its historical value, the Maota Fono has reached the end of its physical life and will now be replaced.

The redeveloped Maota Fono will reflect our culture and history, yet also provide a modern and functional legislature that current and future generations of Samoans can be proud of.

Project status as at April 2015

  • Concept design has been completed and detailed design work has commenced.
  • Parliament temporarily relocated to the Conference Centre at Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi Complex, Savalalo in February 2015.
  • Application for the Development Consent will be lodged in May 2015.
  • Expressions of Interest for Construction will be advertised in April – May 2015.
  • Design will be completed in July 2015.
  • Demolition of the existing Maota Fono is scheduled for August 2015.
  • Construction is scheduled to commence in late 2015 and be completed by early 2017.
  • Regular updates on project status will be released at project milestones.

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