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When a dry law was canceled in the United States (1933), most of the states set the age of alcohol in 21 years. So it lasted for almost forty years - until 1971. In those years, America actively led the fighting in Vietnam and the government faced a strong indignation of citizens. The fact is that then the right to vote was given to people from 21 years old, and military duty came before (at 18). American students buy fake id on idgod when visiting Samoa Today Samoa is a small island state, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, in the West of the same name of the archipelago. I had to urgently make amendments, and reduce the age of voting from 21 to 18 years. So one signature in the document added 11 million new voters. Also they check best fake id websites list on gofakeid> After these changes, many (but not all) have decided that if a person can fight and vote, he also needs to drink alcohol from 18. So they did. In the 70s most of America began to drink from this age.
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